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Creative Director
Image Consultant
Social Convener
Life Long Learner

Auntie to the best nephews and nieces!

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Visual Arts

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The highest form of research is done through play.

Albert Einstein

Some Facts about Regan

Cosmic Core DNA is: Libra Sun ☉, Gemini Rising ↑, Cancer Moon ☽

I believe that ART is a way of LIFE, ASTROLOGY is a LANGUAGE and YOGA is the portal to connecting with whatever idea you have of GOD. 

I believe that connecting with COMMUNITY will be the only way to make it through the next phase of culture, no masks, real faces only. 

My 3 favourite things would be observing the contemporary pulse of society, my astrology studies and being an auntie to the most amazing nephews and nieces. 

You can find me: doing yoga, reading a lot, critically thinking, writing, info-doodling, making art, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, and trying new food sauces🙂

My fashion personality has my hair stylist on speed dial, my aesthetician pre-booked monthly, a costume jewellery addiction, doing fitness on the regular so I can wear my favourite threads which are classic in trend, elegant in silhouette, and often very sporty looking! 

I can have a quick wit and really enjoy comedic conversation. I can have a serious disposition and do not shy away from tough subjects. Always with compassion yet, I flex like that. 

Daily Rituals include my yoga practice, caring for my fur-baby Abbigail (she is a senior cat now, 14 years old), drinking 1-2 liters of water a day, hitting the grocery for fresh vegetables and fruits, catching up with my favourite YouTuber’s and finding quality time in nature.